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The Tohkon Ryu Ipswich Ju Jitsu core martial arts techniques are combat effective, battlefield proven techniques that reflect the soul of the JuJitsu martial arts style. They have not been watered down or modified by martial arts competition rules; these defence techniques are designed for realistic combat. Our sports Ju Jitsu techniques include those techniques passed down from traditional Ju Jitsu masters and hopefully still contain the soul of those from whom they came.

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Australian Ipswich Ju Jitsu
Tohkon Ryu JuJitsu is a direct affiliate of the Australian Jujitsu Association. All students of Tohkon Ryu Jujitsu will become a member of this association.

Tohkon Ryu Jujitsu Ipswich holds martial arts training classes at the Ipswich PCYC on Monday and Wednesdays during the Queensland school term.

At Tohkon Ryu Jujitsu Ipwsich we train students of all age groups and fitness levels, including:

  • Jujitsu in Ipswich for Kids: your child will learn practical self-defence techniques, build self-confidence, friendships and connections outside of their classroom at our children’s martial arts classes, 
  • Ipswich Jujitsu for Teens: your teen will learn valuable self-control skills in a safe environment as well as learn all those important self-defence techniques at our teenage martial arts classes,
  • Jujitsu in Ipswich for Adults: students learn all the fundamentals the children and teens learn, no matter your age, size, and skill level at our adult martial arts classes. 

Tohkon Ryu Jujitsu in Ipswich feels like an extended family for our martial arts members. We pride ourselves on offering all aspects of Japanese Jujitsu.

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Here’s what some of our families say about Tohkon Ryu Ipswich Ju Jitsu:

Our son has been attending Tohkon Ryu Ju Jitsu for 9 months. We have been blown away by the welcoming, supportive, enthusiastic staff that we encounter each week. Our son has grown in confidence in all aspects of his life and counts down the days until his next class (even convincing us to come twice a week!) I would highly recommend Tohkon Ryu Ju Jitsu.
– Kassie Mills

Our eleven year old daughter has been attending Tohkon Ryu Ju Jitsu since Oct 2021. She loves it! The teachers are fun, patient and very experienced. Our daughter gets bored easily and we’ve struggled to find a sport that she enjoys. The search is over!! The senseis like to mix it up each class, keeping it fresh and exciting for the students. Our little lady can now defend herself and has learnt many valuable lessons, whilst making lovely friendships with other students.
– Brooke G

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